Pet Fence

Removable pet safety barrier for the pool, patio, garage and yard.

Pool Fence

Protects your little ones from unknowingly gaining access to the pool.

Volleyball Net

The perfect add-on to your pool fence for hours of family fun.

Why Choose Protect-A-Child

The unbreakable strength and transparent design of our pool fence makes it the perfect solution for Orange County parents and grandparents.

Protect-A-Child fencing looks great for years and years since it never gets bent or crooked. In Southern California we enjoy our pools year round, so we must be satisfied living with our fence everyday.

Our pool fence can be quickly removable by an adult in minutes, but the following additional safety features prevent children from accessing to pool.

  • Point-lock latches secure the sections of your pool fence together to prevent small fingers from unlocking your fence.
  • Lock-in-deck posts provide the option to twist-lock your posts into the patio, preventing remove by children.

The solid-core fiberglass posts used on every Protect-A-Child pool fence provide many benefits:

  • Unbreakable strength backed by a lifetime warranty to ensure New England families that their support posts will never break or become bent or crooked.
  • Live near the ocean or have a salt water pool? Protect-A-Child’s fiberglass posts will never corrode or rust as commonly seen with aluminum posts.
  • Heat-resistant, non-conductive fiberglass fence posts prevent burns to little hands in the hot summer months.

Here are a few of the features your family will benefit from when choosing Protect-A-Child:


Unbreakable Fiberglass Fence Posts

Twist-Locking Secure Post Sleeves

Adjustable Fence Safety Latches

Impact-Absorbent Mesh & Borders

Self-Closing Pool Fence Gates

Multiple Stylish Color Options

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Installation Matters

Installation is critical to an safe and attractive fence.  Straight lines, gentle curves, and level corners that keep the mesh taut and smooth will make the difference between framing your $100,000 pool beautifully or with something that is bent, crooked, sagging and unsightly. We know how to do it right. Here’s what you can expect:


Every pool and patio is unique—from the shape of the pool, to the obstacles around it, to the different surfaces that must be drilled into. We take all of these factors into account, along with how the families uses this space, to provide layout recommendations. See our photos of pool fence installs for some examples of layouts around different shaped pools.


We provide several attractive options for your pool fence’s height, color and safety add-ons. Based on your home’s decor and the level of safety needed to protect your children or pets, we can help guide you in the right direction. Our wealth of experience guarantees you’ll end up with a safe and attractive fence around your pool. As you can read in our many pool fence reviews, we go above and beyond to ensure our customers are please with our work.


Our fence requires us to drill small post holes around your patio. To maintain the integrity of each surface we drill into and provide clean post holes around your patio, we use high-quality wet-core drills and diamond-tipped core bits. Before we drill though, we review our layout template and measure several times to ensure we accurate.


After we have installed your pool fence, we will show you how to secure, remove, store and care for your fence, as well as provide other helpful tips. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with our finished product before we leave.


As a parent myself, I understand the urgency when it comes to the safety of your little ones, which is why I make myself available to help answer any questions and provide service, if needed. We have been childproofing and installing pool fences all over Orange County for more than two decades, so you can feel confident knowing we are just around the corner should you need help.